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Delatorro’s Platinum Presentations
Platinum Productivity:
Getting More Done & Having More Fun
Get ready for a roller-coaster ride educational experience. In this high-energy and strategy-packed keynote presentation Delatorro teaches business professionals how to get the most out of their days so they can get more out of their lives. He teaches 15 actionable techniques that today’s busy professionals can immediately utilize to not only get more done (being efficient), but have much more fun (being effective) in the process. Delatorro empowers your audience to work smart and play hard, so that they can master both the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment. You’re going to dance, laugh, create powerful goals, set healthy boundaries, master the 80/20 rule and learn both the inner game and the outer game of superior productivity. This program is guaranteed to explode your daily peak performance and profitability.  
Learning Objectives
Participants will learn how to:

  • Create energy states that empower them emotionally to win the day
  • Connect compelling and aw-inspiring rewards to their goals to create drive
  • Ask the single most powerful question that determines time mastery each day
  • Identify the most powerful hours in their day and protect and direct them
  • Eliminate the 10 distractions that plague all business professionals daily
  • Build a daily success routine that makes goal achievement easy and fun
  • Create healthy boundaries in both their personal and professional lives
  • Platinum Leadership:
    Leadership on the Big Screen
    A Conference & Convention Slamdunk! You’ve never experienced leadership, taught like this before. Your audience will be riveted from the moment Delatorro takes the stage in this Rockstar Leadership Development Experience. Leadership on the Big Screen is Delatorro’s most requested Leadership Development Program. Packed with over 35 profound, actionable leadership lessons gleaned from American’s Favorite Blockbuster Movies, this cutting-edge program features Delatorro teaching profound leadership lessons in day-to-day business interactions and comparing/contrasting them to scenes from worldwide movie hits like The Lion King, Coach Carter, Men of Honor, Finding Nemo and many others. Your audience will get addicted as they interact, debate, laugh, learn and grow as Delatorro masterfully dissects these movies and teaches leadership like you’ve never experienced it before…On the Big Screen!  
    Learning Objectives
    Participants will learn how to:

  • Dissect movie clips to extract powerful leadership principles
  • Identify with key characters and their plights to relate better
  • Translate everyday work scenarios into leadership opportunities
  • Glean best-practices from universal movies for immediate usage
  • Turn situations into life lessons and view obstacles differently
  • Learn new ways to be more creative and innovative in meetings
  • Understand themselves and their peers better and create more team synergy
  • Platinum Teams:
    We are One Team: Experiential High Impact Teambuilding Experience
    Your sales, customer service, and leadership teams will never be the same after this high-energy, high-emotion, and high-transparency encounter with Delatorro. One of the most critical components of Platinum Performance in any organization is Teamwork, and Delatorro is an absolute master at tearing down walls of division and office politics and building bridges of trust, power, interdependence, synergy, creativity, and innovation within professional teams of all sizes, shapes, cultures and industries. We are One Team is 90 minutes of 12 extreme experiential growth and development tasks, mixed with Top 40 Hit music, fun props and illustrations, emotional and transformative debriefs that will propel your teams to new levels of sustainable and profitable performance.  
    Learning Objectives
    Participants will learn how to:

  • Work more effectively and efficiently as a team that has one heartbeat
  • Communicate more clearly in the midst of a challenge and change
  • Think creatively about how to solve problems and issues more effectively
  • Contribute to the shared goals of the organization and create harmony
  • Support one another for the betterment of the team goals and align vision
  • Foster a more collaborative and celebratory team spirit no matter the obstacle
  • Peak Performance Sales Secrets:
    Mastering the Building Blocks of Explosive Sales
    Regardless of your industry, we all know that nothing happens in business until a sale is made! Delatorro has keynoted over 100 National Sales Conferences and in this high-energy, high-content presentation, Delatorro shares 8 Building Blocks that will exponentially grow the sales within your organization. Your sales professionals will be taking fast-and-furious notes, laughing, thinking, changing, dissecting and re-evaluating all aspects of their sales process as Delatorro masterfully challenges every person in your audience or on your sales team to new levels of Sales Success. His presentation includes cutting-edge perspectives on subjects such as Goal Getting, Time Mastery, Prospect Knowledge, Repeat/Referral Business, Presentation Skills and much much more.  
    Learning Objectives
    Participants will learn how to:

  • Master the top 3 soft skills that will win them more sales now
  • Implement the 4 R’s that guarantee that they will hit their sales goals
  • Identify the #1 factor that will motivate them to take daily action on their sales
  • Leverage real time-management techniques for commissioned sales people
  • Prospect with 60% greater accuracy and effectiveness
  • Capitalize on the #1 way to turn a prospect into a paid customer immediately
  • Tell compelling personal and product stories that build instant client rapport and trust
  • Platinum Communication:
    12 Keys to Becoming a Platinum Communicator
    Regardless of your industry or profession, in order to become a better professional, you must become a better communicator. In this powerful, interactive, and strategy-packed session, Delatorro McNeal, II pulls from over a decade of experience and teaches 12 Keys that all Master Communicators utilize to succeed both personally and professionally. These 12 Keys reveal profound, yet simple truths that if applied will immediately increase your impact in your given profession, explode your confidence, catapult your leadership ability, and propel you above the competition, while empowering you to build, grow, and develop effective collaborative networks at work, at home, and in society.  
    Learning Objectives
    Participants will learn how to:

  • Drastically improve their interpersonal communication skills with co-workers
  • Take immediate actionable steps to better understand others with less stress
  • Analyze their own communication strengths and weaknesses
  • Instantly improve their listening skills to maximize effective rapport
  • Work more effectively by using a plethora of new communication strategies
  • Foster a more open, honest and assertive environment based on trust
  • Performance Beyond Gold:
    How to Better Your Best & Top Yourself Consistently
    Life gives us one invitation everyday. “Will you be better today than you were yesterday?” In this powerful interactive Peak Performance experience, Delatorro teaches the psychology and the methodology that Top Producers use to Better their Best on a consistent basis. Top professionals in any industry possess and operate from unique and distinctive mindsets that drive their actions, behaviors and habits, which ultimately lead to stellar results. In this hard-hitting presentation, Delatorro calls forth the best of your professionals in this candid, no-nonsense “coaching session for superior performers” and exposes and imparts 7 Paradigms that once implemented will ignite explosive sales, stellar customer service, and rock solid leadership within your organization.  
    Learning Objectives
    Participants will learn how to:

  • Develop the emotional muscle to strive of Peak Performance daily
  • Identify to best peak states to put themselves in to WIN consistently
  • Align their actions and habits with the attributes of top performers
  • Think creatively about how they can improve their performance now
  • Change their attitudes towards their work and infuse more passion
  • Increase their personal commitment to personal excellence
  • Lead within the organization with a greater since of purpose and certainty
  • Receive Instant Access to Delatorro's 5-Part Video Training Series on 5 Principles for Platinum Performing Professionals (valued at $197) Absolutely FREE.