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Order the book that everyone is talking about! Delatorro’s much anticipated 5th book project, Caught Between a Dream and Job: How to Leave the 9 to 5 Behind and Step Into the Life You’ve Always Wanted. If your DREAM is bigger than your job, you must experience this book. If you are tired of the 9-to-5 rat race, this book will open the door and set you free! Endorsed by many of the top personal and professional development experts from around the world, this book helps you powerfully transition from job living to dream living!

Section and Chapter Titles Include:

Section 1: Identifying Your Destiny and Purpose and the Need For a Transition

– Chapter 1: There is a Place called “There” – It’s Called Your Destiny

– Chapter 2: Whoever Told You to JOB?

– Chapter 3: My Story: A Life by Design

– Chapter 4: Your Life’s Purpose: The Catalyst to Your Dreams

– Chapter 5: The Iceberg Theory: Utilizing Your Occupation to Explode Your Potential

Section 2: Hiring Yourself and Landing Your Real Dream Job

– Chapter 6: It’s Time to Transition

– Chapter 7: Harnessing the Power of the Dream Job

Section 3: TIPS for Stepping Powerfully Into Your Dreams

– Chapter 8: Attitude TIPS

– Chapter 9: Spiritual and Emotional TIPS

– Chapter 10: Social and Relational TIPS

– Chapter 11: Time Mastery TIPS

– Chapter 12: Financial and Entrepreneurial TIPS


Thriving Through Your Storms
5 Disc Life Transformation Coaching Program.

Get Ready to re-think everything negative that ever has, currently is or ever will happen in your life.

If you’ve been through or are going through difficult times personally, professionally, financially, emotionally, occupationally or spiritually, Thriving Through Your Storms is a MUST-HAVE for your Success Library. You will feel like Delatorro is sitting in the front seat of your car, empowering you to GET BACK UP AGAIN! Get ready to get your fight back and stage a major comeback from all of your setbacks.

You are about to spend 4.5 hours with Delatorro McNeal as your Personal Rebound Coach. Your entire life will be propelled forwars as you learn and apply over 100 actionable lessons on 16 powerful and intimate coaching sessions.

Your 5 Disc Coaching Program includes the following sessions.

Disc #1

  • The Power of Meaning
  • You Must be Prepared
  • Failure 101

Disc #2

  • In the Storm
  • Don’t Quit
  • Win/Learn
  • You’re Stronger Than You Know

Disc #3

  • Thriving Through Loss
  • Know Your Value
  • Change Your Environment

Disc #4

  • Ask Yourself Better Questions
  • Keep Driving The Bus

Disc #5

  • Produce in the Storm
  • Be The Shark
  • Make Lemonade & Sell It for Profit
  • Go….LIVE!
  • Final Thoughts



In this incredible system, Delatorro becomes your personal and professional Career Transition Coach for over 10 HOURS! This 10-Disc system includes Delatorro’s best coaching, wisdom, insight, and strategies inspired by his brand new national best selling book, Caught Between a Dream and a Job . The MEGA COACHING System includes 9 power packed and life-changing audio CDs and 1 hard-hitting LIVE DVD of Delatorro coaching entrepreneurs to live their dreams. It’s LOADED with extras NOT included in the book. This system includes Delatorro’s signature results-driven, conversational, and highly interactive coaching style. If your DREAM is bigger than your job, you MUST experience this system! Order right now!

– Disc #1 – Defining Your Destiny & Clarifying Your Vision

– Disc #2 – Whoever Told You to Job

– Disc #3 – Living Life by Design & The Art of Allowing

– Disc #4 – Your Life’s Purpose: The Catalyst to Your Dreams

– Disc #5 – Strategies for Exploding Your Human Potential

– Disc #6 – Hire Yourself & The Magic of Building your Dream Part-time

– Disc #7 – How to Utilize a Dream Job to get into Living Your Dreams Now

– Disc #8 – 20 Power TIPS for Strategic Transition

– Disc #9 – Coaching Interviews featuring Delatorro

– Disc #10 – 12 Keys to Entrepreneurial Greatness LIVE DVD


Order The Full Throttle 12-Disc Conference DVD Set Today!

The Full Throttle Experience 2013 was an amazing event! If you missed it, don’t worry. The entire event was captured in high quality video and in this 12-DVD Set you get to learn from each of the amazing presenters and you get 3 DVDs of Delatorro bringing the heat each morning in 3 powerful Keynotes on “Living Life Full Throttle”. Prepare to take pages of notes as you learn from 9 of the Top Personal and Professional Development Experts in America today! Everything in your life is about to SHIFT into high gear as soon as you purchase your copy of The Full Throttle Experience LIVE 12-DVD Set.


Over 10 hours of sensational content on 9 power packed DVDs and 3 CDs!

Experience Delatorro LIVE! Empower and Explode your Public Speaking and Presentation Skills, while cutting your learning curve by 5 years, and increasing your impact by 50%!

Each DVD puts you right in the center of Delatorro’s LIVE Speaking Mastery Seminar where you will learn, laugh, and leverage the wisdom, insights, strategies, and lessons from one of America’s most powerful and positive communicators.

This system is a MUST HAVE for any person seeking to drastically improve their speaking and presentation skills.

If you are ready to radically improve your public speaking and presentation skills for business, ministry, academia, government, entertainment, or simply for personal growth and development ORDER YOUR 12 DISC SPEAKING and COMMUNICATION MASTERY SYSTEM TODAY!

Disc #1:
Mastering the Basics of Professional Speaking

  • 10 Characteristics of the Best and Worst Presentations
  • 7 Paradigms of the Successful Communicator
  • 4 Components of the Communication Model
  • 3 Elements of Communicative Competence
  • 7 Strategies for utilizing your Voice
  • 7 Elements of powerful Gestures
  • 8 Components of Strong Posture
  • 7 Strategies for Success when using Podiums

Disc #2:
Creating & Delivering Principle based Content

  • How to Define Your Why in Speech Creation
  • How to Create an Objective Statement
  • The Power of Mind Mappings
  • 8 Types of Speech Organizational Patterns
  • How to Organize Your Main Ideas
  • The 4 Questions Your Opening Must Answer in your Audience’s Mind
  • 10 Sources for Open, Body, Close Material
  • How to Effectively utilize the 3-T Method for Speech Organization
  • 7 Types of Clinching Conclusions
  • The 4 Presentation Delivery Styles

Disc #3:
Building Confidence in Yourself & Your Message

  • 12 Signs of a Confident Presenter
  • Mastering the Butterflies in your Stomach
  • Understanding the Fear Factor
  • 12 Types of Fears that play into the Fear of Public Speaking
  • 9 Ways to Turn Fear into Fuel and Succeed in Speaking
  • 11 Item “Day of the Your Presentation” Checklist

Disc #4:
Becoming A Problem Solver & Speaking Practice

  • The 3 Ways to Increase Your Wealth as a Problem Solver
  • A Life Lesson about Confidence and Self Esteem
  • The Who, What, and Why Icebreaker Technique
  • Speaking Practice and Live Feedback

Disc #5:
Learning and Connecting with ANY Audience

  • 10 Elements of a Great Audience
  • 3 Types of Audiences and Their Expectations of You as a Presenter
  • 8 Critical Questions to Ask in Advance about Your Audience
  • 12 Truths You Should Know about ANY Audience
  • How to Psychologically Understand, Connect with, and Empower Your Audience
  • 6 Types of Audience Motivation & Your Challenge as the Speaker

Disc #6:
Packing a Punch with Powerful Visual Aids

  • 8 Benefits of Using Visuals as a Speaker
  • 9 Types of Purposeful Visuals
  • 9 Effective Strategies for Mastering Your Use of the Visuals
  • 7 Simple Tips for Effectively Using PowerPoint

Disc #7:
Developing Sensational Storytelling Skills

  • 11 Types of Stories You Can Use NOW in your Presentations
  • Doug Stevenson’s 9 Steps to Story Structure – Illustrated LIVE
  • Delatorro’s Secret 10th Element of Storytelling Mastery
  • 2 Personal Story Building Activity Worksheets

Disc #8:
Presenting Motivationally & Extemporaneously

  • 10 Components of Speaking Motivationally
  • 10 Components of Speaking Extemporaneously
  • The 4 Elements of the Keller ARCS Model of Audience and Learner Motivation
  • The Core Beliefs Activity
  • Connecting with Your Audience using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs

Disc #9:
Selling Yourself & Mastering Your Image

  • Relationship Selling in the 21st Century
  • The 5 Relationships of the Sales Cycle
  • The Paradigm that “You are Always Selling”
  • 3 Powerful Percentages for Image Mastery
  • 4 Strategies for Creating Instant Rapport
  • Donna Mitchell’s Image Quadrant

Disc #10:
12 Keys to Becoming a Master Communicator CD – Part 1

  • You are Always Communicating
  • Over 90% of Communication is Nonverbal
  • True Communication is Born in the Mind of the Receiver
  • The Power of Understanding The Communication Model
  • How to be a Purpose-Driven – Clear Communicator
  • How to Diversify your Communication Style
  • The Power of Building Rapture with your Receiver

Disc #11:
12 Keys to Becoming a Master Communicator CD – Part 2

  • 8 Ways to Become a more Effective Listener
  • How to Display Incredible Energy and Presence
  • 10 Ways to Build, Ignite, and Explode Winning Confidence
  • How to Remain on the Cutting Edge
  • How to be Human and Approachable in your Communication

Disc #12:
Strategies for Accelerating Your Speaking Success LIVE at NSA

  • Diversify your Speaking Business
  • Maximize the Power of Mentorship
  • How to Balance your Life as a Speaker
  • How to Niche and get Laser Beam Specific about Your Topic
  • How to Craft Your Message like a Pro
  • Strategies for Wowing your Audience every time you Speak